“Papadhimitri Film Production” is a creative film production company which was founded in 2008. But, despite this, the Papadhimitri family's story dates back to the year 1930.Back then it only specialized in photography, but with the years it developed and started a tradition not only in photography but also in film making which made the Papadhimitri brand in to what it is today. They were the first to establish a photography studio and laboratory in the south region of Albania.

PAPADHIMITRI FILM PRODUCTION is a company set up to meet the exacting needs of any film project. We act either as a co-producer or experienced production service supporting international and local producers with a complete set of services. Our team is specialized in international productions and provides exceptional services at all stages of production.
We have successfully managed productions with low budget, and we will find the perfect solution for your shooting plans in Albania and Balkan.

“Papadhimitri Film Production” SINCE 1930
• Production Management
• Locations
• Permits
• Budgets, Schedules
• Crew and Cast Hire
• Vendor Relationships
• Production Accounting
• Insurance
• Coproduction Structures
• Government and Institutional Relations
• Work Permits
• Banking
• Legal Advice
• Contracts