Albania Location

Albania Location the ideal location for your film and TV productions. Albania has nearly every picturesque landscape and backdrop you could ever imagine: islands, sea, mountains and valleys, rivers and lakes, medieval ruins, castles, industrial centers,contemporary architecture and much more.
Albania is best known for its well preserved Ottoman cities, archaeological ruins, castles and fortresses, mosques, churches, Soviet architecture, rugged mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, national parks and white sand beaches with azure seas. We represents and supplies locations for use in still photography, television and film productions. Through our location and production related contacts, as well as our experience and knowledge of many geographical areas, we will scout and supply any location you require to fulfill your production needs. If you do not find a location on this site which best suits your needs, be sure to Contact and inquire about additional locations or our Location Scouting Services.
Our experienced scouts can find any location that will match your requirements all around the country.