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In the loud city of Tirana, a poor boy from the suburbs falls in love with a problematic girl who comes from a very rich family. A passionate story interwined with the collision of two different social classes.
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The dream to be enriched as quickly and as short as possible has touched also two elders, Sadri and Hajrie, who live in one of the coastal villages, in a depleted house and in an extreme ...
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This is based in a true story from the 70’s.A women escaping from Kosovo because of the persecution, to go in her motherland Albania, but to only find the same regime and to be persecuted even from Albanian government. She ended up being a foreigner in both sides of the border, and suffering the death of her son.
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Before we wake up early in the morning and start our daily activities, there are some tiny details, seemingly unimportant to us that can completely change our expectations.
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"ALBANIA Road Trip " is a 12 documentaries series. We will show you the most attractive destinations of Albania, best places to travel , the most amusing destinations, from the quiet to the noisiest ones.
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In a remote mountain village, Gjin, a 10 years old boy, like every other day, is out taking his goat to graze. In the village school, the annual meeting of the first day of classes has started. Julian, the youngest teacher of the village, is for the first time part of this meeting. And since he is the youngest one, the director assigns him the duty of ringing the bell on the first day of classes. Julian goes out holding the bell to keep students lined up. An empty yard. What happened?
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